Tuesday, March 30, 2010

syringe mauve light by Jack Ohms

in the purple vein light I find myself alone
and a young boy
maybe 12
he's pissed in one of the stalls and not flushed
the piss is like a light - flourecsent yellow-green
in the vein light, the thin vein light
he looks at me with my CARRIER BAGS
I lock the door
piss into his piss
into his piss
into his piss
it marbles in there
I flush
he's gone
the gap under the stall door is almost a FOOT
who the fuck needs to know where I am!

I drink from the taps
pick up my piss-bottomed carrier bags
and get out as jowel man comes in
looking me
and down
in the vein light
cunt looking over his shoulder
from the vein light
from the vein light
cunt always looking over his shoulder