Tuesday, January 26, 2010

I was so hungry I almost ate your jacket and The twitter Writer by Melanie Browne

I was so hungry I almost ate your jacket

The one with the

pot leaf designs,

I almost ate

your jacket,

the one you left on the

floor by my side

of the bed

the one you wore

just the other

day to cash

your tax refund

and I was a little

embarrassed at first

and you teased me

and said don’t be

silly kitten,

you called me kitten

which seemed kind of

silly and stupid,

but I played along like

I liked it and said

meow and purr

and stuff like that,

That jacket is

a little itchy

by the way,

I know

because I wore

It to visit

my friend who works

at the adult video

store, the one

that has all

those lesbians

That work there.

The twitter Writer

Is very serious

about his literary


these aspirations

might or might

not include


women who

like to

read small,

bite size

bits about

shoes, opiates,

or the

small mole

on his favorite

porn star’s neck

Bio: Melanie Browne
Co-editor of Leaf Garden press