Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Everything Different and Aluminum Christmas Tree by James Babbs

Everything Different

the trees shrouded in mist
obscuring my vision
as it slowly gathers
on the windshield before
I turn the wipers on
70s-era Miles filling
the inside of the car
churning out
his electro-funk fusion
and it’s morning
and I’m driving back
from your place where
we made love the night before
something we hadn’t
planned to happen
and I’m, still, trying
to sort it out
recalling how
I barely said a word as
I got dressed and
told you goodbye
on my way home but
thinking about stopping
somewhere for breakfast
wondering whether I should
call you later today
or should I wait
afraid of
what I should say
everything different
between us now

Aluminum Christmas Tree

did anybody else have an
aluminum christmas tree
growing up in the seventies
with the light that had
this plastic wheel that turned
it had three different colors and
I wonder if they were all the same
I think ours had
orange and blue and green
what the hell were we thinking
I mean
whose bright idea was it
and then people actually went out
and bought them
set them up in their living rooms
you put the light on
so when the wheel turned
the colors reflected off the tree
you didn’t have to bother with
stringing up any lights and
I don’t think we hung
any ornaments on it
I remember seeing pictures
me as a boy sitting there
cross-legged on the floor
wearing my green toughskins and
the funny looking glasses
the floor cluttered with presents
this big grin on my face

Bio: I’m not a real writer but I play one on TV. I work for the government but don’t like to talk about it. I like getting drunk and writing. I don‘t like people who are rude. I like dogs better than cats. I like Fall better than I like Spring. I like it when the tomatoes start ripening. I don’t like okra and never did but I could eat lima beans every day of the week.

Some recent poems have appeared in my dreams and in-Barbaric Yawp, Gutter Eloquence, Opium Poetry, Zygote In My Coffee and ZYX. Thank you for your time.