Tuesday, April 13, 2010

simply drift away and in this void by J.J. Campbell

simply drift away

the wind is howling

squeezing through
these paper thin

it sounds like a
cat crying out in

i don't move
a muscle

apathy and
cynicism has
darkened this
heart past the
point of caring

especially when i
can close my eyes
and simply drift away
to some other tragedy
waiting to happen

in this void

i always wonder if
killing myself would
mean anything to
anyone other than
my family

and as i swim here
in this void of life,
despair, delusion
and mediocrity

i'm not even a
blip on the radar
of anyone

and i sense the
in my soul

it wants to give
up as much as i
want to

but my brain is
selfish enough
that it needs it to
hurt more for them

the proverbial them

than it would me

time has
never moved
so slow

J.J. Campbell lives, writes and will hopefully die on a farm in Brookville, Ohio. He's been widely published in the small press, most recently in The Joint (Australia), FUCK!, ZYX, Zygote in My Coffee and Opium Poetry 2.0. You can contact J.J. via email at jcampb4593@aol.com